White Mic & AgrentStrikNine – The Vegetable & The Alien (Album)

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The Vegetable & The Alien, a collaboration Album from SF MC’s White Mic & AgentStriknine features
MF Grimm, Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship, Moka Only, Count Bass D and other special surprise guests with Beats from Aries, pimptaps Movement, BoAC, Chaz One and More!! You can download it for free at the above link or pay what you want if you want to support.

Released 24 December 2012
Produced, Mixed and Mastered By Bruce Leighton @ Data Stream Studio

White Mic, noted member of the seminal SF Hip Hop collective BORED STIFF, returned to music as a solo artist after a decade-long hiatus. In 2011 he released “The Neighborhood Visitor” which received recognition on Grandgood.com and other outlets. The album featured Sunspot Jonz of Living legends, Rasco, Z-Man, Tayo Dubb, Grand Visitor of Homeless Derilexs and fellow Bored Stiff MC Equipto, to name a few. In collaboration with One Block Radius member Z-Man, White Mic released the EP “The Vegetable and The Ferret” in 2011. On 4/20/2012, White Mic released a collaboration with Del & Andre Nickatina entitled “I’m Not Lonely” (single) which received rave reviews & massive feedback from fans. In 2012, he dropped the full-length solo album Fightin Off Success featuring The Grouch of Living Legends, Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Casual of Hieroglyphics.



Thom Stockton- The Second Coming (ALBUM)

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Go check out the latest Album by Thom Stockton, The Second Coming.

I will be back with a full review as soon as i receive my hardcopy in the mail!

Moka Only- Martian X-MAS 2012

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Well its that time of year folks! If your familiar with Moka Only, you are familiar with his yearly christmas effort The “Martian XMAS” Series. Without further delay i present to you, Martian XMAS 2012. As usual Moka Handles all the production and brought a few other mc’s along for the sleigh ride this time around. Aro and LMNO (of the Visionaries) both make guest appearances. This is a perfect album to bump while setting up your xmas tree, drinking your eggnog and sitting by your fireplace. Go get it now!! Happy Holidays ya’ll!!

Pip Skid Ft B-Flat of the Lytics-Shirley Temple *VIDEO*

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“Shirley Temple” by Pip Skid from his record “People Are The Worst”.
Featuring B-Flat of the Lytics ( http://www.thelytics.ca )

You can get this record from Marathon Of Dope


This song was produced by Aries ( http://www.soundcloud.com/aries-music )
with additional playing by Oldfolks Home.

The video was directed and shot by mcenroe in Winnipeg, MB, in 2011.



Mr. Mista (Moka Only&Mr Brady) The Bug Out E.P

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Ive been waiting for this one!! Its finally out!! And its Free!! Moka Only & Mr Brady team up as “Mr. Mista” bringing you “The Bug Out” EP. Moka and Mr Brady go track for track on the production as well as the raps. The beats are just what you would expect from 2 of the best beat makers on the planet. Both have always had the ear for dope samples and neck snapping grimey drums…This is a must for your collection of music to say the least…Download it and check it out NOW!!

Moka Only- Sleeping Dogs *VIDEO* (NEW)

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From the album “Airport 6”. Directed by mcenroe for http://www.downthedial.com

Hip Hop My Friend – Pep Love [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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Anyone that knows me knows that im about that classic hiphop music. Golden era if you will. Boom bap. Authentic hiphop.

Whatever you want to call it. I just call it hiphop. Good music. This song will most likely go on to be my favorite song of 2012 period. Pep Love (of Heiroglyphics) is and always has been a genius on the mic. This song hits home through for other reasons. If you grew up like i did, back when noone was into hiphop and half the people that listen to it now were still making fun of it, it will hit home for you too. I’m a white guy from small town Saskatchewan. Prince Albert to be exact. When i was coming up there was NO hiphop scene in my city and there was no hiphop on any radio station or in stores etc etc. Times have def changed over the years and rap has really taken over. What gets me is when the commercial rap/gangster/poprap rap gets refered to as hiphop. There is a difference and that difference is huge. Hiphop is a culture, with elements. It has morals and values, it has its own style, witch is that there is no exact style. Its universal. You can be free to be any color, race or religon and still come together with one another for that common cause that is hiphop music. Hiphop will live forever. Hiphop will always be my friend.