Jon “Aries” Cennon Is a Beat Maker, Musician, Producer & Engineer From Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canada. He is currently residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. Jon got his start with music at a young age. His Father Paul Cennon (r.i.p) was a great Drummer as well as a Disk Jockey and raised Jon on and around music of all kinds. Jon began his life of playing music as a Percussionist in his school band in elementary school. By grade 8&9 He had switched to Bass Guitar, which became his instrument of choice. Jon listened through many genre’s of music and always had a love for a little bit of everything. From Jazz to Reggae to Soul/Funk to Rock, Punk&Metal. It wasn’t until 1989-1990 that Jon found his deep love for Hip hop Music. In 1993 he began to Dj using his Father’s belt driven turntable w/Teac mixer. Fast Forward 6 years. Around 1998/99 the group Innersoulflow was formed, consisting of Mils, Eekwol, Lucas, Mass, Suga-D, Gaser&Golly. It was at this point that Jon found a love for writing poetry/lyrics. Fast forward another 2 years. Around 2000 Innersoulflow Member Lucas Purchased an Akai Mpc2000xl sampler/drum machine. It was love at first site. Jon began to learn and teach himself to make beats with the help from Innersoulflowian’s Mils&Lucas. Jon’s first 2 beats used on a Cd were featured on the 2002 Innersoulflow release titled “Out on a Limb” (Time is Money & Images).

Jon moved to Regina, Saskatchewan in 2004 and met fellow Mc Joey Cappo. Together Aries & Cappo wrote numerous songs and performed live at many local Regina events mostly over beats crafted by Aries. Jon was Learning to record this music at this point as well with a computer, a mic & Fruity Loops (now FL Studio). A few years past and lots of music was made. Around 2005 Jon was approached By Oin Nicholson and asked to help run a funded hip hop studio space/project for troubled teens and at risk youth called “The Prairie Roots Project” along side fellow artists Def3 and Truth. The project lasted 10 months and was a great success. Through that time Aries learned the Pro Tools recording software with the help of fellow artist Tallisman, and had his first try at recording professional quality music. It was at this time that Aries Started submitting music for tv shows and documentaries and also released his first solo album Aries “The State of this Art”.

At the end of the Prairie Roots project (late 2005), Jon Left Regina for Vancouver BC. While living in Vancouver Jon met a lot of people and spent countless hours making beats and learning more and more about music production and engineering.

Jon has since built himself a Project Studio witch he works out of to this day called “The Quality Control Project Studio” from witch he offers Recording, Mixing and Mastering services to anyone looking to record and release a project. He also continues to releases music under his own label “Quality Control Music”. You can download his 2010 Released “Now&Then” here –>

Jon Aries Cennon has went on to Produce music for various different artists from around the world Including Del The Funky Homosapien (of Heiroglyphics), Andre Nickatina, Zen Re.L.Z.M (Of the Visionaries) White Mic & Equipto (Of Bored Stiff) Moka Only, Emotionz, Ishkan, Birdapres, Anacron, Joey Stylez, Jeff Spec, Culture Brown, Def3, Fatty Down, AgentStriknine, Pitchblackgold, CountBassD and many many more!! and has had music released on over 15 Canadian made Albums, as well as Innersoulflow’s Aries Produced, “Follow Me Through” which got picked up by Rampart Films and used in the Movie and Soundtrack of “Crossed” an Independant Movie released worldwide in 2006.

The New Album titled “New Beginnings” Is set to drop in April or may of 2013!! Stay Tuned!!


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