Professor Whaley “From All Angles” Album (circa 2000)



When P.Way dropped “From All Angles” in late 2000, it was hailed as one of the tightest solo albums to come out of the Bored Stiff crew or the Bay Area. Only 2000 CDs were pressed up, so this album quickly became very hard to find. Nearly ten years after its release, P. Way re-releases “From All Angles” and it is still as relevant today as it was when it first came out. From All Angles is truly innovative in terms of its sound production, lyrics, and topics, which appeal to virtually all listeners. The up-tempo Latin rhythms of “Copa Mundial” (the first hip-hop song about soccer) and the kinetic groove “Livicated” immediately grab the attention of any hip-hop fan. Songs like “Takin Over,” “@Ease,” and “Writers Block” appeal to activists without sounding so preachy that they alienate others. Big Shawn’s production is flawless. Instant classic. Must have.
Bonus track includes “Conspiracy Theory” (feat. K-Dub), one of the illest Bored Stiff songs ever.

P. Way (Professor Whaley): Artist Background

P.Way (Professor Whaley) is one of the Bay Area’s most respected underground MCs and a founding member of the legendary hip-hop group Bored Stiff. After releasing their now classic EP “Explainin'” in 1995, Bored Stiff emerged as one of the first independent hip-hop groups to pioneer an alternative to the west coast ‘gangsta’ sound, amassing hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide and write-up’s in magazines such as The Source, Vibe, URB, Thrasher, 4080, and XXL. Since then, the Bored Stiff collective has released seven albums, countless solo projects, and shared the stage with hip-hop pioneers such as Gang Starr, KRS-1, Goodie Mob, Black Sheep, De La Soul, Dialated Peoples, Blackalicious, Nas, Andre Nickatina, Living Legends, and Hieroglyphics. P.Way’s solo effort “From All Angles”, released in 2000, is still regarded as one of the best solo albums to come out of the Bay Area. Whether teaching hip-hop in schools while on tour, speaking out at Mumia protests, or rocking shows in front of 5,000 fans packed into San Francisco’s infamous Martime Hall, P.Way has been in the game for nearly 15 years, making good music and a difference in the world.

Produced by Big Shawn for Pimp Taps Movement
Mixed, Arranged, and Co-produced by P.Way for Sonic Legacy Music
Mastered by Justin Weis (TrakWorx)
All Rights Reserved. Sonic Legacy Music (ASCAP)



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