White Mic & AgrentStrikNine – The Vegetable & The Alien (Album)



The Vegetable & The Alien, a collaboration Album from SF MC’s White Mic & AgentStriknine features
MF Grimm, Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship, Moka Only, Count Bass D and other special surprise guests with Beats from Aries, pimptaps Movement, BoAC, Chaz One and More!! You can download it for free at the above link or pay what you want if you want to support.

Released 24 December 2012
Produced, Mixed and Mastered By Bruce Leighton @ Data Stream Studio

White Mic, noted member of the seminal SF Hip Hop collective BORED STIFF, returned to music as a solo artist after a decade-long hiatus. In 2011 he released “The Neighborhood Visitor” which received recognition on Grandgood.com and other outlets. The album featured Sunspot Jonz of Living legends, Rasco, Z-Man, Tayo Dubb, Grand Visitor of Homeless Derilexs and fellow Bored Stiff MC Equipto, to name a few. In collaboration with One Block Radius member Z-Man, White Mic released the EP “The Vegetable and The Ferret” in 2011. On 4/20/2012, White Mic released a collaboration with Del & Andre Nickatina entitled “I’m Not Lonely” (single) which received rave reviews & massive feedback from fans. In 2012, he dropped the full-length solo album Fightin Off Success featuring The Grouch of Living Legends, Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Casual of Hieroglyphics.



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