Up Close And Personal W/ Luckyiam of Living Legends

Whats up ya’ll? Aries here, back with another installment of “Up Close And Personal”

This time…I got the chance to have a chat with Luckyiam (Psc) of the Living Legends Crew. The Living Legends crew needs no introduction. If you aren’t familiar with them, well, you probably live under a rock or just never listened to good music ever. Some people may remember The Mystik Journeymen as well (Luckyiam & Sunspot Jonz) or maybe CMA (Luckyiam & The Grouch) or how about The Prime (Sapient & Luckyiam)? Regardless of what project is happening, or who Lucky is making music with, the result is almost always dope. Luckyiam is that rapper that wont change his style and persona to make you happy. He’s always stuck to his formula that works. Banging beats and bar after bar of feel good, real raps. Ive been a fan of Lucky’s music for years and finally got a chance to ask him some questions about both past and present situations, whats going on in 2012 and what the future looks like for the one they call Luckyiam…let’s goooo!


QCM: Who is Luckyiam? Where are you from and what else should these good people know about you?

Lucky: my name is Luckyiam (THE REAL LUCKYIAM. FUCK THAT TECHNO DJ IN DENVER BITING MY NAME) I’m a MC, a consultant, taste maker, indie hip-hop pioneer, trendsetter, MACHINA MUERTE soldier, baby daddy, Loyal cool ass doot..I’m from L dot A dot. I rip shows & take my pit everywhere I go.

QCM: For anyone that doesn’t know, your part of The Living Legends crew along with other side projects like Mystik Journeymen, Cma, The Prime and more..Whats your favorite side group out of all the different ones you’ve been involved in?? and can we expect any new music from any of these groups or are you trying to focus more on the solo career?

Lucky: Mystik Journeymen is my foundation. We are gonna make a new album soon. The Prime is that ILL shit. We have a new album called FADE that’s ready to go whenever Sape is ready to do this. The CMA been dead. Grouch & I aren’t cool no mo. I have another group called Luck & Lana. We did a album with the producer homies KILL THE COMPUTER..they made Bang Bang off Time to Get Lucky. That shit is craaaaaze. I’m cool on solo albums for a minute. I just released 2 albums back to back. I’m not really one of them “look at me,ME,Me” ass rappers. I can shine within a group of ppl. I’m getting my collab on.

QCM: You’ve made it clear that things amongst the Living Legends crew aren’t the way they used to be. What Happened??..You guys made a ton of great music, toured the world and won over the ears of Hip Hop fans from all over the globe. When you guys started out, did you ever see the crew doing the things it did? And can we ever expect another Full Crew Album one day??

Lucky: Without going too deep. For me what happened was we (Living Legends) got a offer to do the Rock the Bells tour. Apparently due to “miscommunication” between the Grouch & Murs we turned down the Rock the Bells tour & Soundset festivals. Yet The Grouch & Murs are still performing on it as separate entities (Eligh too). Found this out via email, That shit was foul to me. I blasted my frustration on twitter & etc. And now there is some more shit going on that I can’t even really speak on that has me EXTRA HEATED. Look, I’m not that mad at Murs cause I know he was down to do RTB’s & got us the gig. Other doot tho is on my shit list. Neeeext.
When we started Legends, did I see us doing the things we accomplished? Hmmm…some of Em..yeah, fuck yeah. Other things..no way, blessed.
And a new Legends album? Yeah right..not so much, huh?

QCM: That’s pretty sad. But we all know money is the route of all evil..and changes people. You’ve been through many ups and downs through your career of being an artist. What pointer’s or advice do you have for groups and solo artists alike, that are trying to come up in this music business?

Lucky: Don’t trust anybody. Practice your craft. Get your publishing straight. And have a backup plan…and be VERY dope.

QCM: Words of wisdom!..The music business has changed a lot in the past 10 years with the internet, The fall of record labels and studio’s etc. How have these changes effected you as an artist?? negative or positive? or both?

Lucky: Positive= the playing field has been some what leveled nowadays because of the internet. But the blogosphere is the new elite magazine syndicate of old..Gotta be in the good graces of the popular bloggers or pay buck$ for the connected publicists. (See That’s both) Negative could be that this shits waaaaay over saturated with weak recordings & bullshit videos and punk ass new artists. Things were waaaaay better when people had to actually invest money to participate in each medium. IMO

QCM: Fair enough…Like i mentioned earlier you have toured a lot and seen a lot in your day. Whats your favorite place music has taken you and why??

Lucky: Australia & Vancouver B.C. I can’t explain why for AUS. But Vancouver gave me my youngest daughter Amina,

QCM: Nice, i love Van City as well..One of the best places on earth. On the flip side, Tell us the craziest tour story you can think of?? One of those “WTF” moments so to speak…

Lucky: Hmmmmmmmmm…one night at a show in Tokyo I seen Bicasso with a fine ass Japanese girl in the crowd with some big ol tittays busting out of her blouse. I jumped off of stage from freestyin with Murs, Slug and Aceyalone (btw I was drunk as fuck & it was 4 in the morning) I walked up to them and took her away from him on some drunk asshole alpha male shit & headed to the bar area. Language barrier in full effect between us.. Fans taking pics/getting stuff signed. Shit Mr. Dibbs snapped our pic too…more drinks being ordered. And one of the bartenders kept laughing and looking our way. Finally doot got my attention and leaned over the bar and let me know that the girl I was chillen with was a DUDE! Aesop was right there He heard it too..started bussin up laughing. I took a big ass shot of Hennesy and started banging on the bar singing Fatlip’s verse to “Oh SHIT” by the Pharcyde (look that up & listen!) that shit was crazy. Ew.

QCM: HAHAHAHA! I’m a big Pharcyde fan as well. I know the verse. That’s hilarious tho!.. You have released quite a few Solo projects over the years as well. I read somewhere that you don’t really go back and listen to your old stuff. Why is that??

Lucky: For me my music is truly my therapy so once I get it out it hurts sometimes to relive it unless its being performed. Plus I’m not that type of narcissist. I only bump my shit per release & for mixing purposes or to try it out on new ears ie. previews for friends.

QCM: You released the “I ❤ Haters" Album, and decided to give it away for free for the first month. Some people's opinion of free music is a negative one. What is your reasoning behind giving it away for free?? And has it effected your sales since removing the free download and selling it?

Lucky: Hell yeah it affected the online sales but the ILH CDs do fine. The trade off was 75 thousand downloads in August. I don’t like the free album shit either but I had no label & no money for a publicist and I needed to promote the project. Plus my birthday is August 2nd and I’ve been in the habit of giving the fans a Present for my BDay so last years present was my new album for fucking free.. And Would u believe that some muthafuckas still didn’t get it? See what I mean by the game is over saturated. Attention spans and sooooo many free projects has cheapened the worth of our art. That question just made me think about if Im gonna do another Present for this August…hmmmmn

QCM: Fair enough..I hear you…You have Kruse on production for the whole I ❤ Haters Album, which is dope, I dig his beats. For others you have worked with, I'm a fan of Sapient, Bean One and Mils. For the Aspiring producers out there…what does Luckyiam look for in a beat these days?

Lucky: It’s gotta be bangin. That’s my criteria. No specific genre or beat type with me. I like my beats like I like my…you get it. All types. Just be bangin

QCM: You also recently released the long awaited “Time To Get Lucky” Solo LP. Tell the people what they need to know about it!!

Lucky: http://www.luckydoot.com Go get that shit it’s dope

QCM: Away from music for a second…Your a Lakers fan when it comes to the NBA. I’m a Celtics Fan..So we cant really be friends.(laughs), but who does Lucky see winning the title this year and why?

Lucky: the Seattle SuperThunder will win it all doot. But it’s LAKESHOW FO LIFE.

QCM: Hahah…word…Your a “tell it like it is” “don’t beat around the bush” type a guy. Has this ever got you in trouble or into awkward situations??

Lucky: naw..sometimes some feathers get ruffled but I ain’t trippin off of ruffling the feathers of any of these bird-ass rap fools or whoever. Whoever got a problem with me we can handle that shit anytime/any place. I stays ready.

QCM: What else do you have going on for the new year? What can we expect from Luckyiam in 2012??

Lucky: 3 Questions mini documentary with LIVING LEGENDS directed by Myself & NA8STRADAMUS, LuckNLana Kill the Computer album + vids, The Prime – FADE, more videos from Time to Get Lucky, shows/spot dates. LEO THE LION TOUR- Mac Lethal x Luckyiam this FALL!

QCM: Any Last words, shout outs?….

Lucky: I’ve been hurt but I ain’t bitter. keep it moving. Luckydoot.com

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