Tommy Hampton – Palos Verdes Blues Album & “Sleep” *Video*

Whats up ya’ll, Aries here with another Blawgy Blog Post. This time were focusing on a good homie of mine. Mr. Tommy Hampton. I first met Tommy back in the early 2000’s when he was an active member of the Local Regina Hip Hop Crew “Topwise”. Ive always been a fan of his music in one way or another. He has a unique vocal style that is hard to compare to anyone. If i was to say he sounded like someone i would say DMX…Who happens to be one of my favorite Rappers ever, (even tho hes kinda crazy these days).

Tommy can rap, sing, play a few instruments, and is an all around musical guy. He showcases all of these skills on his new Album “Palos Verdes Blues”. The whole Album is Produced by Regina beat maker Ak, who brought a lot of dope beats to the table for this project. The Album is a really “personal” one for Tommy as its basically a “tell all” tale from the past 2 years of his life which involved a lot of ups and downs (to make a long story short). The Album features a few really dark tracks, a few traditional hip hop style tracks and even some newer sounding club style/commercial rap tracks. There’s a little something for everyone on this album and its a good offering for a Debut Album from Tommy. The Video for “Sleep” just dropped today. you can view it below along with links to grab a copy of Palos Verdes Blues.




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