Secret Cloud Music

This post is dedicated to a good homie of mine. Selfhelp! owner of Secret Cloud Music&Art.

Selfhelp is a modern day werewolf. He practices “Wolf Form” witch is some stuff you don’t want or need to know about. Other than that, he’s a Humanoid, Aspiring Geologist, Father, Gamer, Artist, Graphic Designer & Emcee. I’d tell you to check the resume but it would take you awhile to read everything this guy has contributed to art and music culture in general. Whether it be a 12″ record, numerous albums under different alias’s, Album Art, Cell Phone graphics, Paintings etc, Selfhelp is always busy doing something.

The first time i heard of Selfhelp, was back when he was in a group with fellow emcee, Thesis Sahib. Together they were known as “Bending Mouth”. Their music was very original for its time and caught my ear. Some may call it nerd rap, but i call it hip hop. Think double time raps over dark grimey beats. They dropped an album and a 12″ back in the early 2000’s with you can check out below. Selfhelp also released the full legnth Album “Old Friends” in 2008, then the “Dead Old Friends” flip of that album (witch is also available below) in 2009. After that came “Broken Shadows” and another 12″ Project under the alias “The Garthim Master” in 2011, fully produced by Dj Extend, and has now came back in 2012 with “Crocodile Whispers” under the alias “Reptile Prison”.

Little did i know that by 2006 or 2007 that Selfhelp had moved to the city of Regina here in Saskatchewan. I decided to reach out and see what the hell possessed him to move to this city. Needless to say we hit it off, did some music together and even formed a top secret fast food crew under the names Emcee 7-11 Burga (selfhelp) and Dj Plastic Egg Sammich (me). Our album got shelfed with the label so were not sure if it will ever drop but were crossing our fingers.

Selfhelp was also the only reason i ended up rapping on my own “Now&Then” Album (2010). We did the Song “Animated Dreams” in about 3 hours one day just messing around in the studio…
You can listen to it here…

So, to make a really long over exaggerated story short, I’ve decided to make a post dedicated to the works of Selfhelp and Secret Cloud Music!! Have a listen, buy some shit! Support good music!!

“Crocodile Whispers” under the alias “Reptile Prison”. (2012)

“Ghosts of Nostalgia” under the alias “The Garthim-Master” (Produced by DJ Extend) (Also available on vinyl)(2011)

“Broken Shadows” under the alias “Old Ghost Eyes” (2010)

“Dead Old Friends” under the alias “Astral Wolf” (2009)

“Bending Mouth” Selfhelp & Thesis Sahib (2002) (vinyl 2004)

So there’s a bunch of stuff for you to listen through. Together all these projects include a ton of great talented emcee’s and producers like Thesis Sahib, Ceschi, Wordburglar, Def3, Jesse Dangerously, Timbuktu, Fresh Kils, Fester, Aries, Jesse Dangerously, Sixtoo, Savilion, Lazyman Dj Extend and more!

Also check out and Secret Cloud Music&Art on Facebook!!

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