ATTN: Mc’s! Authentik “Remake” Contest

Whats up Everyone? I’ve decided to do a little contest for all the Mc’s out there! A few have mentioned in the past that they would have loved to rap on the beat for the Brass Tackz song i produced called “Authentik”. (The Original song features Young Sin, Evil Ebenezer and Snak The Ripper). The Cuts were done by Steps Necessary. The song was featured on The Brass Tackz “The Outfit” E.p as well as on my “Now&Then” Album

Original Version:

I have uploaded the Instrumental w/cuts and decided to give all you Mc’s out there a chance to do your own song to the beat!! This is not a Cover contest. I don’t want to hear you rap the original lyrics. This is YOUR OWN original song. The Cuts act as the Hook or Chorus of the song. All you have to do is go to my sound cloud page or to the link below…Download the beat and write and record your song. You will be judged on flow, wordplay, originality and vocal sound quality. You will Submit the your vocal stems to . I will personally Mix and Master each version for you.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS is MARCH 25th 2012. The TOP 3 Remakes will be posted on my sound cloud page for all to hear on MARCH 31st 2012. The winning Remake will receive a FREE Aries Beat to use however they choose.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at

I look forward to your submissions!!


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