Anacron- “The Facelift 3″ *Free Download”

Anacron’s annual remix album series continues with “The Facelift 3”, yet another impressive installation of reshaped sounds and ideas from the “Unfamous” one. Following what’s become tradition, Anacron reworks a motley assortment of songs; bending and sometimes breaking the original structure of tunes with mild to extreme crafting and arrangement. However, no matter how removed from the original, the end result seems to always be spectacular. Whether you love or hate the original version of any song that Anacron chooses to receive a “face lift”, his meticulous writing, composing, producing, and mixing process is sure to birth something that brings a positive response from any listener. With 12 tracks in total (2 hidden bonus tracks with download), Anacron’s “The Facelift 3: Cosmetic Characteristics” is a better than great addition to the casual eclectic’s every day playlist.

Stream / Embed / Link also available via Soundcloud at


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