The Vegetable & the Ferret *FREE DOWNLOAD*

White Mic (of Bored Stiff) & Z-man (of Gurp City/One Block Radius) Bring you this free E.p
If your down with underground hiphop, Add this to your collection…The E.p Features Akil, Bored Stiff, Fluent and more…

If you aren’t familiar with Bored Stiff…

Bored; tired of and slightly annoyed by things that are not interesting, original, or entertaining.

Stiff; strong or potent in effect, showing determination and resolve

Bored Stiff is internationally known for their classic underground, raw and original sound. Their lyrics and production center from a style that captures and blends ideas and sounds like a collage. Bored Stiff also known as B.S. or The Stiff was formed in 1992 in the Fillmore, lower Haight Street section of San Francisco. Made up of 12 members including Equipto, Big Shawn, TD Camp, Mint Rock, Mic, Dubstar, P-Way, Julz, and more, the group recorded countless tapes through the 90’s, and released two Eps, “Explainin’”, “Timeless,”(now high priced collectors items), an album entitled “Ghetto Research”(look out for bootleg vinyl in Europe), and appeared on numerous compilations.

Rocking shows throughout the West Coast, Europe, Cuba, and Japan the group built a strong reputation and fan base. Although they haven’t released much music as a crew lately, the group has branched out with most of the members releasing successful projects to this day. Coming together to record a new album, Bored Stiff is ready to fill the gap left wide open by today’s Rap scene. While most artists seem scared to be themselves, Bored Stiff makes music with the confidence to make a difference.

One Block Radius:

One Block Radius was formed in late 2003. Marty and MDA were living in Marty’s North Hollywood studio, The Dump, and working on a project when they decided they needed another voice and flavor to make it sound complete. They had been fans of San Francisco underground rap star Z-Man’s “Gingerbread Man” and “Four Hours Of Sleep” tapes and asked him if he wanted to work on some songs. He said “oh heck yes” and madness ensued.

Label horror stories and empty Carlos Rossi jugs aside, One Block Radius independently released “Long Story Short” in summer of 2005. They then went out in a big green nasty broke down van and opened for Hieroglyphics, De La Soul, The Pharcyde, Living Legends, Matisyahu, KRS-One, Aceyalone, Peanut Butter Wolf, Pigeon John, Trick Daddy and more, selling cd’s, t-shirts and giant foam fingers all along the way. Songs from “Long Story Short” have appeared in numerous film and television projects including “American Gun” and “50 Pills” (for which Marty was a music supervisor). In 2006 they also released “Cut Some Static,” an internet/live-show-only original mixtape), of which only 300 original copies exist.

In 2006 Marty was asked to sing “Stunna Glasses At Night” by The Federation. Since that time Marty has become an in-demand songwriter and producer as well, having worked with Rick Rock, Baby Bash, JR Rotem, Diane Warren, Kara Dioguardi, DJ Felli Fel, Sean Kingston, E-40, Lil Jon, Chamillionaire, Nipsey Hussle, Jason Derulo, Iyaz, Blake Lewis, Paul Wall, The Grouch, Paula Deanda, Luckyiam, Mozella, Eligh, Turf Talk and many others


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