In The Studio With… Factor

Whats good ya’ll. This is the 1st, in a new series of Interviews that will be focusing on Beatmakers and Producers. I’m gonna chat with Beatmakers and Producers from all around the world and bring you all “In The Studio With…”

So without further adue, Lets get “In The Studio” with Factor. This dude is one of the hardest working guys i know and has definately put in work over the years for the love of hiphop…

QCM: Whats up?? State your name, How long you’ve been producing music and who you have produced music for…
Factor: Factor (Fake Four / Side Road Records) …. I Started Djing 1998 and Producing in 2000/2001… I have made music w/ Myka 9 and Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship), Xzibit, Buck 65, Kool Keith, Aesop Rock, Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Busdriver, Pigeon John, Ceschi, Sage Francis, Moka Only, Tash and E-Swift (Tha Liks), Shad, Sweat Shop Union, Def3, Kay the Aquanaut, Cam the Wizzard, Nolto (Side Road Records) Abstract Rude, The Shape Shifters (AWOL One, Existereo, Life Rexall, Akuma, Radioinactive), soso, Epic, Nomad, 2mex (OMD/Visionaries), Josh Martinez, Gruf the Druid (frek Sho), John Smith (Peanuts and Corn), The Living Legends (Luckyiam.PSC, Eligh and Sunspot Jonz), Muneshine, Mickey Avalon, Subtitle (Lab Waste), Isaiah The Toothtaker, Barfly and Sleep (Oldomininon), Gregory Pepper , Noah 23, Evil Ebenezer, Birdapres, Medusa, Ahmad, Ellay Khule and many more….

Factor – Lawson Graham *Video*

QCM: NIce, Thats a thick list of serious artists! What do you have kick’n around the studio these days…and what is your “weapon of choice” for beat making.
Factor: Korg M3, Korg Micro, 2 Tech 1200’s, Rane ttm57, Universal Audio La-610, hella records, a bunch of pedal/mics/circuit bending box etc. I use a Korg m3 and Pro Tools for the most part… every project i try and incorporate new stuff.

QCM: What’s your take on the state of recording and the bedroom studio Vs the big name studio , and where do you do most of your work?
Factor: I really like doing home studio stuff because i am able to work on my own hours and not always be worried about taking to much time ($) on a song…. for the last couple years i have really gotten comfortable in my own home studio…. but i always like the vibe of going to the big studio!

QCM: Do you play any instruments or have any musical background/schooling aside from hiphop and beat making?
Factor: Not really… just whatever i have learned from rap and experimenting in my studio!

Common Grackle (Factor & Gregory Pepper) – The Great Depression *Video*

QCM: What do you think about the Hardware Vs Software debate with music production? Do you use 1 or the other, or both?
Factor: I use both… honestly whatever you can make music the best and sound original and fresh… seems to be the best way to go.

QCM: Sampling and Record Digging is a big part of Hiphop music…Do you look for any certain artists when looking for that next sample?? And do you agree with sampling other sources aside from vinyl?
Factor: As far as a sample it really depends what kinda stuff i am into at the time or who i am working with… i honestly used to have this rule that i couldn’t sample anything that was newer than me…. so anything older than ’82 and obscure was fair game…. but… nowadaze i don’t even know anymore… i do still dig regularly though…

Ron Contour and Factor- Glad *Video*

QCM: Have you ever sampled something that you thought was untouched, then heard it used by others after the fact?
Factor: ha ha back in the day i sampled a song De La Soul sampled on their 1st record… then i played it for the homies and they were like wtf you cant use that ha ha… let’s just say i have been alot more careful since that… that was like 02…. but i am sure i have used a couple samples other people have rocked… i probably don’t even know about them…ha ha

QCM: Walk us through your beat making process from start to finish…(.Drums first? Sample first?) Also, feel free to share any certain techniques you use along the way…
Factor: I usually start with the drum sequence but sometimes I have a sample or melody that I’ve found and I start from there. I try and switch it up as much as possible to get a fresh perspective every time… i will demo a bunch of ideas … then take a little break and revisit them to see what is fresh. And get er done.

Ceschi and Factor- The Fall Of Captin Eo *Video*

QCM: Do you ever go through “Beat-Block” (like Writers Block) and how do you overcome it….
Factor: yes i do… i normally just go on tour… and when i get back… i am usually inspired to knock out some new shit!

QCM: What do you think about Beat Makers calling themselves Producers? Is there a difference? And if you think there is, what are the differences?
Factor: I think beat makers focus on specific songs while producers look at the whole project.

Factor and Myka9 – Smokey *Video*

QCM: Who do you look up too on the Beat Making / Production tip?
Factor: Kanye, Rza, Madlib, Shadow…. damn there are so many dope fools out there

QCM: Any last words of advice for the young aspiring beat makers out there reading this?
Factor: get an original sound… without that you will have a really hard time sticking out from the million other people doing the same thing.

QCM: Where can we check out your work online?


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