Truth By Design “Timeless” EP

Truth By Design is proud to present their debut EP (aptly titled) “Timeless” alongside their first official video for their 3rd single, “Steel”. The 8-track EP is a musically-rich, uncompromising ode to that raw boom bap. Producer DTKS’ signature production style employs a tight blend of obscure, unconventional samples, haunting melodies and gritty, neck-snapping drums. Mizery’s aggressive, battle-ready vocals and DJ Lupan’s precise cuts serve as a perfect complement to DTKS’ carefully-crafted musical backdrops. The official video for “Steel” takes viewers on a visual journey through hiphop culture’s original 4 elements as well as gives a brief shoutout to the group’s city of origin.

The Crew Consists of…

DTKS is an original BBoy, backspinning since the mid 90’s and is known to spin a record or two as well. Over the years his passion and expression through music have grown as he incorporates varying sequences and the original ‘essence’ of boom bap that have influenced him from a young age to permeate through his production and sound creations. In his most recent debut with Truth By Design, he aims to bring back that vibe to make you headnod, uprock and bust a pose in respect of the resurgence of quality hip hop stylings he reps.

Rhyming since the age of 8, Mizery has always been intrigued by the art of emceeing. While he has honed his skills over the years via various ciphers and freestyle battles, he remains a student of the game striving for constant elevation. Though his interests later extended to djing and production, his primary objective remains to uphold the integrity and the level of lyricism put into place by hiphop’s legendary wordsmiths.

DJ Lupan is a crate diggin’ hip hop enthusiast. Over 15 years of dj’ing he has excavated many gems in the truest sense of form. The game has changed but the man has not. Lupan still remains focused on the culture he was exposed to coming up with deep admiration and loyalty for the veterans of the nineties sound. This is evident. Lupan has carved his name out over the years through mixtapes, a radio show and guest spots with like minded individuals from the Toronto hip hop community. His latest endeavour with Truth By Design is a testament of his work to date. Ruff Rugged-N-Raw.
“Steel” Video


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